Comedian. Farmer. Mayor.  Not necessarily in that order.

A veteran standup comedian for two decades, Drew is known as an edgy, intelligent, performer in venues from comedy clubs to theatres.
His commanding presence onstage immediately stamps his trademark comedy that is both hilarious and self-deprecating, including observations of the human condition and the declining state of American society. His status as an unlikely farmer has been enhanced by his vast new following of farm and ag-oriented audiences.  His new CD, “Farmageddon,” is his first PG release geared toward family-friendly listeners.
Drew’s one-hour Comedy special “Irked and Miffed,” is still one of the most popular among comedy fans.  He is a regular favorite on the nationally syndicated Bob & Tom Radio show which has given him a huge Midwest following.  Drew is also one of the elite few to receive a standing ovation on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.”
Elected in 2012,  Drew gave this simple reason for running: “I think this Country is going to hell in a hand basket – I’m not sure we even make our own hand baskets here anymore. I can’t do anything about the whole U.S. But I can do something about the one place I live.”  He won in a landslide. He lead the way to turning around the financial affairs of the City and pushing downtown revitalization. Drew just won his 2nd term by a wide margin. As Mayor, he’s outspoken, serious, politically incorrect, and passionate about economic development.
In 2006, Drew left Hollywood after 13 years.  He considered it as being “stationed in Fort L.A.”  Wanting to tour from a Midwest base and do something completely new, he decided to live rural and try his hand in farming at age 50. He has a cattle farm in southern Ohio, which – unsurprisingly – has been the basis for a lot of his new comedic material for the last few years.
As a farmer who has lived, as he says, “on both sides of the food chain,” Drew is often asked to speak at events as an advocate for the farming community.